Youth in Action

An important component of IWJ is the Youth In Action category.  We “discover” young female jazz musicians and encourage their participation and present a platform of performance to the jazz community through IWJ auditions, activities and events.  An IWJ “sister” will serve as a mentor and follow their careers.  We also encourage our youth to participate in our community activities and our First Mondays monthly jam session.

I.  Criteria for Youth in Action Member:
1) young woman up to age 17
2) an interest in pursuing a jazz education or performance career
3) an exemplary academic record
4) demonstrated leadership skills, community involvement or community service
5) demonstrated excellence on her instrument or vocally

II Information to submit:
1) IWJ membership application – free membership
2) an essay explaining their interest in a career in jazz
3) a letter of recommendation from a music, school teacher or music professional
4) biography and photo 
5) a demonstration and/or recording of their musical ability if accomplished


Downloadable Documents
IWJ Member Application (Revised Link)

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